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Mountaire North Carolina Animal Abuse Investigation – Act Now

Act Now: Protect Animals & Stop Ag-Gag

Sadly, animal abuse and cruelty is standard practice in the meat industry. Many of the abuses shown in COK’s undercover video are routinely endured by billions of birds killed for their meat each year in the US.  Here’s how you can make a world of difference:

north carolinaChoose Compassion:  The good news is each one of us can take action now to prevent this cruelty and suffering: We can choose to leave chickens — and all other animals — off our plates.

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north carolinaHelp Stop Ag-Gag:  From COK’s investigator – “Between March and April 2015, I worked undercover … inside of a Mountaire Farms slaughter plant in Lumber Bridge, North Carolina.  What I witnessed there will haunt me for the rest of my life. Please help me stop a new law that would prevent investigators like me from exposing this vile mistreatment of animals.”

donate-cameras-rollSupport our brave investigators: Big Ag is desperately fighting to pass laws aimed at stopping undercover investigations. That’s why your help is urgently needed: You can help keep our investigators’ cameras rolling by making a special donation today.

You can also send a note of THANKS to our investigators!

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