central valley meat investigation

Central Valley Meat Investigation – Investigator Notes

Central Valley Meat Investigator’s Log Notes

A worker stands on this cow’s nose and mouth to suffocate her after she was shot in the head.Each day, after working inside Central Valley Meat and wearing a hidden camera to capture the cruelties routinely taking place behind closed doors, our investigator also wrote daily log notes to further illustrate the misery endured during the last moments of these cows’ lives. Here are a few excerpts from those log notes:

  • “I witnessed a cow who went down and would not get up after being shocked or pushed. I saw a worker shoot the cow in the middle of the forehead. Blood began seeping out of her nose and she thrashed around violently for approximately one minute. He then shot her in the back of the head, between the ears, and she kept moving her legs. He shot her again and told me he usually does three times. She was still breathing when he then put his boot over her nostril and held it there. I asked what that was about and he told me it ‘helps them die faster because they can’t get air.'”
  • “While moving the animals into the kill floor door, the manager said ‘Ride the roller coaster, bitches.'”
  • “I saw a worker shock a cow about 15 times. She kept trying to get up but then falling back down. She finally got up and walked to the kill floor. The worker said that is why he is the best.”
  • “I saw a worker hitting the cows with his flag as if he was hitting balls with a baseball bat. He held the flag with both hands like a bat and swung seemingly as hard as he could and hit the cows. He told me to yell at them, act like it was my husband or my brother or sister.”
  • “… I saw that [another worker] was pushing a cow whose left front foot … was flopping everywhere in every direction and she could not put any weight on it. It was oozing bright red fresh blood. As she got closer to me I could see fragments of her bone sticking through the skin.”