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Cal-Cruz Hatcheries Investigation – Take Action

cal-cruz hatcheriesCal-Cruz Hatcheries – Act Now

This documented case of animal abuse at Cal-Cruz Hatcheries is not an isolated incident. Rather, animal cruelty is standard in the meat-, egg-, and dairy industries, and the most effective step each of us can take to help stop it is to simply leave animals off our plates.

You can help animals like those abused at Cal-Cruz Hatcheries:

  • Request a free Vegetarian Starter Guide for yourself or a friend
  • Reach out to others: Share this investigation with a friend
  • Choose compassion: Check out these chicken-free products and recipes.
  • Support Our Work: Our ability to expose animal abuse and empower others to choose compassion at every meal is only made possible by the generosity of our supporters. Your donation today will help us build a kinder tomorrow.