Running for Compassion: Support Evangeline Klingbeil

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I am running in 12 races in 2015 (one per month) to raise awareness and advocate the 9 billion farmed animals who are tortured their entire lives and then killed for food:

  1. Resolution Run 5K, Dec 31, 2014 COMPLETED!
  2. Charleston Marathon, Jan 17, 2015 COMPLETED!
  3. Frostbite 5k, Feb 1, 2015 COMPLETED!
  4. St Patrick’s 5k March 14, 2015 COMPLETED!
  5. Sugar Maple 5k, April 25, 2015 COMPLETED!
  6. Flying Pig Half Marathon, May 3, 2015 COMPLETED!
  7. Sugar Creek 5Mi Trail Run, June 3, 2015 COMPLETED!
  8. Wingman 5K, July 19, 2015 COMPLETED!
  9. Darby Creek Bison 10k Trail Run, Aug 8, 2015 COMPLETED!
  10. Mill Race Marathon 5K, September 26, 2015 COMPLETED!
  11. Cross Country 5k, October 10, 2015 COMPLETED!
  12. 37th annual Turkey Trot, November 26, 2015 COMPLETED!


“Thousands of people who say they “love” animals sit down once or twice a day to enjoy the flesh of creatures who have been utterly deprived of everything that could make their lives worth living and who endured the awful suffering and the terror of the abattoirs.” – Jane Goodall

My vegan story began in March of 2014, when I made the decision to stop eating animals after watching Forks Over Knives, Vegecated and most recently Speciesism. Additionally, I was inspired by my 14 year old daughter who decided to be vegetarian at the tender age of 10, due to the atrocities of factory farming. My decision to be vegan was born of ethical reasons. However, there is an added positive benefit of longevity and health through vegan diets.

It is my hope that I am able to inspire others to rethink their diet and practices to move towards vegan lifestyles – whether those reasons be ethical, health related, protecting the environment, helping to end world hunger. I believe if people see the truth of animal agriculture, they too will choose not to support this cruelty.

The animal agriculture industry does not want you to know what goes on behind closed doors – and they work hard to hide their practices. Part of their strategy involves silencing and stifling whistle-blowers, which is why it is essential for Compassion Over Killing to continue conducting hard-hitting undercover investigations and educate the public how to make more compassionate choices.

Will you help me reach my goal of $4,500 in 2015?

Thank you for supporting my races! It means so much to me to accomplish this goal and help COK continue their vital work for farmed animals.

Yes! I Want to Support Evangeline Klingbeil’s Races for Compassion!